Cancer daily horoscope january 3 2020

The moon is in fire sign Sagittarius illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. How do you want to be seen by the public? There is some confusion in the air right now, but whatever you project is what people will see.

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The moon is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius today, Aries, inspiring you to be adventurous! Still, do try to conserve your energy today. Now is the time to dream up ideas, not act on them. The moon in Sagittarius finds you in a philosophical mood today, Taurus. Deep emotions come up for you to sit with.

Your psychic abilities are amped up. Your focus is on your relationships today, Gemini, thanks to the moon in Sagittarius.

While a lucky energy is in the air, there is also some confusion, too. Keep things light today! The moon is in fiery Sagittarius encouraging you to get work done, but you'll have to be careful not to overbook yourself—things may get very disorganized or confusing early today. The moon is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius today, Leo! Some confusing emotions arrive in your relationships. The moon is in philosophical fire sign Sagittarius today, Libra, finding you in a chatty mood. Indeed, plenty of conversations will come your way.

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Cancer Months:. What's in store for Cancer? Astrology rating:. A decision needs to be made. Don't let jealousy hold you back.

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March Relationships will cool off. Love is heating up! Tensions will arise. Time to find the balance you need. Your charm will help you succeed. Time to be happy! Stay away from drama. Don't let the pressure get to you. Say hello to passion.